Ferrari F430

Here are some renders of a Ferrari F430 model made and textured by me using 3Ds max 2009 with mental ray.

Here is a video of the same model with the color transition done in After Effects CS3.

Rendering Time:

Both images rendered at 2560x2160 took about 1 hour and 30 minutes each...on HP 6515b

Video was rendered on 3 computers:
  •     0-699 Frames on my HP 6515b took about 20 Hours
  •     700-1400 Frames done on Mudit's desktop i7 920 with 4GB RAM took about 5 hours
  •     1401-1750 Frames done on DJ's laptop i7 740 with 4GB RAM took about 5 hours
For comparison frame no 699 (at 720p) was rendered on all 3 systems
  • Time on HP6515b = 3:21 mins
  • DJ's Laptop = 0:57mins
  • Mudit's System = 0:31mins
Frame 699:

Same video (a bit longer - at 25fps) but with no color change and better quality:

Note: I made most of the model. The parts that i did not model are the car floor (not seen) and the car body structure(did modify it though). I did all the textures and lighting.

PS : As my dad is a fan of Ferrari ...... This one is for him.


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