Jun 21, 2016

Carpentry - 1

I seem to have gotten a bit of the carpentry bug.

The room with the Dragon Door needed a table and as I did have some spare time I decided to build one.

I'm a big fan of really long dining tables because somehow they feel grander. I decided to build one as long as the room would allow.

Dimensions : 20 feet 10 inches (about 6.35 meters) x 3 feet 3 inches (about 1 meter)
Height (table top) : 29.5 inches
Seating capacity : 22

For the table top I decided to reclaim wood left over from the old doors and windows that were taken down during the renovation. I mixed and matched 7 kinds of wood (Tuna, Sal, Pine, Cheed, Sagwan, Sheesham & Deodar), glued and nailed them to a wooden skeleton structure (again made from reclaimed wood).

For the legs I decided to make 6 circular rings to match the door of the room. The rings were made with Plyboard & MDF and later panelled with small pieces of deodar wood.

After that I started work on the chairs. I wanted something rustic so ordered a hundred eucalyptus trees (2" - 3" in diameter). Cut them up into various lengths and glued them into the basic structure of the chairs. Now for the seat of the chair I thought of using the same idea we used for the table top but that just ended up looking weird. So I went to the guys who sell wood here in Nainital asked them to re-saw some 1" wooden planks of cheed from the 9"x 6" beams they had lying around.

Instead of planning the boards which would have made em smooth I decided to leave them as is showing the band saw marks. I cut these boards to the size i needed with my jigsaw and table saw. Post this I went nuts with a blow torch and burnt one of the faces of this wood. Sanded it a bit and just nailed em into place. As it did have some splinters on the sitting face which would stick to clothing i decided to put a thick coat of casting epoxy on it to en-case those without ruining the design and that  worked quite well.

The finishing for the table top was done by a professional as I would have made a rotten mess of that.

After that I did a couple of other smaller woodworking projects.

I wanted to try my hand at model making and as Star Wars force awakens was coming up I decided to make a model of the Mellinium falcon. This was mostly done using using the jigsaw and an angle grinder with a sandpaper attachment.

Orcrist - Always wanted one. Again angle grinder and Jigsaw. Loads and loads of hand sanding.

The Elder Wand. As I do not own a lathe I went with M-Seal and made the knots. Spray paint and blow torching to give it the finish.

May the 4th - X wing. Loads of chiseling for this as I did not want to use the grinder because the last  time it just messed up workshop with mounds of dust.

Mother's Day - Bird House made with plywood with waterproof clay to give it a slight texture. Cut down an old metal plate with a jigsaw to make the roof.

A lamp

An Infinity Table with RGB LEDs

Im currently working on two big carpentry related projects. I am documenting those using video. So keep a lookout for when I post those.

Oct 22, 2015

Hobbiton Style Circular Door

Over the last year I have been working on the renovation/remodeling of my hotel in Nainital. Now we had a 1600 sq ft. area that was to be converted into a small restaurant for the hotel guests. Being a huge fan of LOTR I decided I wanted the entrance to the restaurant to look like a the door to Bilbo's house obviously with our own twist.

Here are some pics of the build.

The door is a two panel design completely circular and 7 feet tall. Its 1.4" thick and each wood panel weight in just over 50 kgs. Wood: Sagwan.

The hinges were made from 0.25" thick iron and cut with the help of an angle grinder.

We still have some work left for the interiors and the tables and chairs and i post those as soon as they are done.

PS: I'm really sorry for having used imperial units in this blog post but I used these units in my original design notes so thought that is what I should write about. All the other people working on the project with me are local craftsmen from Nainital and do not use the metric system so I had to stick to that for their benefit.

This is my first blog post in two years. I have not done too many personal projects in the last 2 years so did not have much to write about. I did just setup a new work-space here in Nainital and have started work on quite a few pending projects. Will post those as soon as im done.