How much of rendering can HP 6515b take?

I set up this scene of a few virus like things floating in 3Ds max, put on some textures on them and added some depth of field effects(9 passes) and rendered it out.

The specifics of the scene are:
Lights: 6 (Ray Traced Shadows)
Image Resolution: 1920x1080
Renderer: Default scanline
3Ds Max Version:2009

Here is the system config:

It took about 54mins 52sec to render 1 image.

The System performance while rendering:

The Final Render :

Note:There have been images that have taken much longer to render on HP 6515B(some taking as long as 2hrs to render at 1920x1080). But this is the 1st that an image crossed 30mis using a the scanline renderer. All other images that took longer than that were done using mental ray.


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