Hobbiton Style Circular Door

Over the last year I have been working on the renovation/remodeling of my hotel in Nainital. Now we had a 1600 sq ft. area that was to be converted into a small restaurant for the hotel guests. Being a huge fan of LOTR I decided I wanted the entrance to the restaurant to look like a the door to Bilbo's house obviously with our own twist.

Here are some pics of the build.

The door is a two panel design completely circular and 7 feet tall. Its 1.4" thick and each wood panel weight in just over 50 kgs. Wood: Sagwan.

The hinges were made from 0.25" thick mild steel and cut using hacksaws and files

We still have some work left for the interiors and the tables and chairs and i post those as soon as they are done.

PS: I'm really sorry for having used imperial units in this blog post but I used these units in my original design notes so thought that is what I should write about. All the other people working on the project with me are local craftsmen from Nainital and do not use the metric system so I had to stick to that for their benefit.

This is my first blog post in two years. I have not done too many personal projects in the last 2 years so did not have much to write about. I did just setup a new work-space here in Nainital and have started work on quite a few pending projects. Will post those as soon as im done.

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