Aston Martin DB9 - 3Ds max 2011

I recently started using 3Ds max 2011 after having used the 2009 version for almost 2 years. The new version has quite a few improvements and i was really impressed with new material editor. It is node based which makes it very easy to operate and use.

I also experimented with C.A.T. (Character Animation Tools) for 3Ds Max and it is an absolutely amazing piece of software making character rigging extremely simple to do. I will experiment around with it a bit more before putting up a tutorial on it.

Anyway this post is about the Aston Martin DB9 model made in 3Ds Max 2011 :

          Size : 2,70,000 faces
          Renderer : Mental Ray
          System : i7 860 with 4GB RAM
          Image Resolution : 3840x2160
          Number of Images : 4
          Total Time Taken : 50mins 12sec

Image 1  --- > Time Taken : 15mins 13sec

Image 2  --- > Time Taken : 16mins 46sec

Image 3  --- > Time Taken : 12mins 06sec

Image 4  --- > Time Taken : 6mins 07sec


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