We are men ... We make fire !!!

Time: April 2nd 2011, 3AM
Location: Shambhavi Palace, Manipal.

The whole building is asleep. Two engineers toil through the night building the quadrocopter. Hunger sets in and they decide to make some food. The kitchen cupboards are full. The eggs are plenty. There is bread . There is butter. There is cheese and there is Maggi. The only problem there is no gas lighter or matchstick that can be used to ignite the stove.

While in Manipal i have on occasion used the heat from my laptop to heat burgers (Only possible while rendering or playing a intensive video game). However in this case we (Mudit Gupta and me) needed fire to get the job done.

If you ever find your self in a similar situation the following things don't work:
  • Trying to burn a resistor on the stove.
  • Trying to blow up a capacitor above the stove.
  • Trying to charge and then discharge a 470uF capacitor over the stove.
  • Trying to charge and then discharge a 2200uF capacitor over the stove.
  • Trying to grind a drill bit to a piece of metal to generate sparks over the stove.
  • Trying to short a 6V lead acid battery over the stove.
  • Using the heating coil from a Hot Glue Gun (What the hell were we thinking).
  • Using a soldering iron.

What does work is shorting a 24V transformer to create sparks to ignite the LPG gas.

The stove in question:

Success (Sorry for the horrible video)

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