How to make an omelette using a power tool.

I am building a quadrocopter and was making the frame for it (post on this to follow soon). For building that in needed a drill so i thought i would buy one. As i just wanted to drill holes in aluminium i decided to go for a cordless drill because is will serve my purpose and just feels cooler. Therefore about 4 days ago i bought a cordless drill/screwdriver form Vasuki machine tools,Udupi (if you are the owner of the shop i need a discount next time).

Work was going on smoothly until one of us started to feel hungry. Now all we had at home were eggs so we decided to make an omelette. That is when this insane idea struck us that we should use the drill to make the omelette. Don't believe me? See for your self

After all this i started to work on my quadrocopter and in an a glue gun accident burnt my finger so we needed ice. The problem was that we had no ice in the fridge but for the past few days the fridge was acting up and had a lot of frost so we decided to to kill (or drill) two birds(getting ice and defrosting the fridge) with one stone. Here is what happened:


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