Demell 7700 Experiments.

I already own a cordless drill which has come quite handy in all the projects I have done ever since I bought it. I thought of increasing my collection and so decided to buy a Dremel tool (7700-30). This is a 7.2v cordless rotatory tool.

With the drill I made a an omelette/defrosted a fridge so for the Dremel tool I decided to go for a similar test. This time i decided to slice a pizza using the power tool.

Step 1: Order a pizza - Dominos Regular Margherita Pizza !! 

Step 2: Charge the battery for your Dremel. Technically this should be step 1. 

Step 3: Attach cutting wheel to the Dremel.

Step 4: Slice and Dice away

Step 5: Realize it did not work because the cutting wheel size was too small. Plan to order a bigger cutting wheel.

Step 6: Use a knife. Eat Pizza.

Anyway after that failed I decided to come-up with something different to show the power of the Dremel.
I have recently purchased a dart board and have been paying around with it quite a lot due to which one or two of the darts had become quite blunt so I decided to sharpen them. My flatmate who is a photography enthusiast (More like a photography maniac) decided to click some high exposure photographs of the same. 

The Tool:

The Victim: 

The Result

Exposure: 1/640 sec , ISO 6400

Exposure: 1/200 sec , ISO 6400

Exposure: 2 sec , ISO 1000

Exposure: 2 sec , ISO 900

Exposure: 2 sec , ISO 2800

Exposure: 2 sec , ISO 2800

Photography Credits: All the good looking ones by Rahul Krishna Upadhaya.

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