Quadrocopter - Part 9 - A New Hope

There have not been any updates from my side on the quadrocopter for the past 6 months. This is partly because i was working on other stuff but mainly because i got lazy (really really lazy). So one fine day about 2 weeks ago i decided that i have to finish this project. I ordered a quadrocopter control board as i was getting one at a very reasonable price (details later) and i did not have the time to build one for myself (as earlier planned - i might do this sometime later). I did make some changes to the design changes. 

Firstly this time i went for an entirely wood construction instead of the aluminium and acrylic combination(what the hell was i thinking??). There are a few reasons for this. It is easier to work with than aluminium. Wood reduces the vibrations of the motors. Wood is cheaper (was able to get material for building 4 quadrocopter for 280 bucks !!!!) and most importantly it available near my house unlike aluminum rods (laziness FTW). 

Secondly i purchased some matching clockwise and anti-clockwise propellers hence i will not have to work at compensating for the angular momentum by tilting the motors.

Finally i decided to do away with the nuts and bolts that hold the main structure and go for screws. This was easier as i was going for wood instead of aluminium. This also helped reduce the weight.

The quadrocopter control board - Ordered from www.rchobbyaddict.com ..... More info on the board at http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=19534.

The materials

 Plywood (1/4"x6"x6" pieces).

 Birch wood (1/2"x3/4"x13").

The completed assembly.

I also used a lot of bullet connectors while building the model and they require a lot of soldering (which im not very good at - mainly because i keep on burning my finger and at times my eyebrows) so i decided to make a bullet connector soldering stand. I was later told by my friend Mudit Gupta that people have already though of this.So i looked it up and people had indeed thought of this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnldHRtjre8 (There goes my patent). Anyway here is my attempt:

Link to more posts on the Quadrocopter.

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