Creating Anaglyph Images using Photoshop

I had earlier posted about making use of Max-script for 3Ds max to generate an anaglyph stereoscopic 3D images using 2 simple images. Now this is easy but requires coding and a copy of 3Ds max and is sometimes very time consuming. A much simpler way is to use Photoshop. For this tutorial i will use the same images as in the previous example but you can use any images you like provided that they are recorded properly.

Left Eye Image :

Right Eye Image:

Here are the steps for combining using Photoshop CS4 (will also work for most earlier and later versions).

Step 1: Open both images in Photoshop.

Step 2: Open and select the right eye image and under channels select green and blue channels(use Shift for multiple selection). Press CTRL+C to copy.

Step 3: Open and select the left eye image and under channels select red channel .Press CTRL+V to paste.

Step 4: Make sure the eye icon is turned on for all the channels.

Step 5: Save left eye image as final image and done.

Final Image:

Note : will soon be posting how to combine footage (images and video) into stereoscopic 3D using After Effects.


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