Game On - Prototype

About a month back i posted about a project on controlling a pong game running on the computer with the help of a mobile phone (Samsung Wave S8500 - Bada OS) used for the paddles. Now we (ankur and me) decided to take it to the next level and went on to make a generic game controller for any game running on the computer using android.The application name is "GAME ON" For this we make use of the phone's sensors and touch screen to generate different gestures and motion events; used these events to generate control data and sent the control data over a socket to the computer over a wireless network. Now using the received data (different for each motion event or gesture) the computer performs a certain task.

Here is a video of the android phone (Samsung I5800 Galaxy 3) being used to control a car racing game.

How does that work?

Next we decided that the software can be used to control real world entities as well such as a toy car.Video of a trial run.

The Car:

 Micro Controller(8051)

 Micro Controller(8051) + RF

How does that work? Well here is a picture of the entire control flow process.

Confused? Here is a video......

The Logo :

Code: Download from here.

Note 1: Game on won 2nd prize at Mobi Vison , Tech Tatva 2010
Note 2: If you cant see the videos you can check them on you-tube here.


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