Nov 16, 2010

Creating Anaglyph Images using Photoshop

I had earlier posted about making use of Max-script for 3Ds max to generate an anaglyph stereoscopic 3D images using 2 simple images. Now this is easy but requires coding and a copy of 3Ds max and is sometimes very time consuming. A much simpler way is to use Photoshop. For this tutorial i will use the same images as in the previous example but you can use any images you like provided that they are recorded properly.

Left Eye Image :

Right Eye Image:

Here are the steps for combining using Photoshop CS4 (will also work for most earlier and later versions).

Step 1: Open both images in Photoshop.

Step 2: Open and select the right eye image and under channels select green and blue channels(use Shift for multiple selection). Press CTRL+C to copy.

Step 3: Open and select the left eye image and under channels select red channel .Press CTRL+V to paste.

Step 4: Make sure the eye icon is turned on for all the channels.

Step 5: Save left eye image as final image and done.

Final Image:

Note : will soon be posting how to combine footage (images and video) into stereoscopic 3D using After Effects.

Nov 2, 2010

Ferrari F430 with HDRI / How much of rendering Ogre-Rig take ?

Just to clarify "Ogre-Rig" is not some wired space age monster that lives in the jungle and renders 3D images for fun it is just a normal computer that has been named so as it belongs to a friend Ogre (Mudit Gupta).

Moving on. Here i setup a scene using an earlier made model of a  Ferrari F430 . But this time instead of using a daylight system in 3Ds max i decided to use HDRI with Final Gather to light up the scene.I took me a bit of time to get the settings right and the shadow generation part was really annoying but i finally did it (Will post a tutorial soon explaining how to make your own HDRI image lighting with shadows and what exactly is HDRI).

Note: I downloaded the HDRI images from

The specifics of the scene are:
Polygons : 202092
Lights : 5 (Ray Traced Shadows) , 1 HDRI Lighting system
Image Resolution : 3840x2560
Renderer : Mental Ray
3Ds Max Version : 2011
Image Precision (Anti-aliasing) : High ( Min =1 , Max=16)
Final Gather : Low
Soft Shadow Precision : 1X
Glossy Reflection Precision : 1X
Glossy Refraction Precision : 1X
Max Reflections : 4
Max Refractions : 6
FG Bounces : 2

Here is the system config:

It took about 30mins 50sec to render 1 image at 2K resolution.

The System performance while rendering:

Notice that the renderer uses CPU only (all cores maxed out at 100%) but ignores the very powerful graphics card (this not being a workstation card) and hence can be kind of slow.

The Final Render :

Another render (This time from inside the car - rendered @ 1080p)

Note: I tried to render the same image using my laptop .And it took about 2 hours to render a part (about 45% of it) of the image and then crashed. Plus i could not load the high-res HDRI image in 3Ds max on my laptop as it ran out of memory (The HDRI image being 216MB).

Nov 1, 2010

Nuclear Renderer - Logo

I was trying to make something cool using After Effects and was looking through the Video Copilot site which has some very nice and more importantly free tutorials for after effects.After searching through the entire collection of tutorials i decided to make the Green Smoke Tutorial.

At that time we(Mudit,DJ and me) were also working on a college project for a 3D rendering program (will upload details when completed) so i decided to use the technique to make the logo for the project.

So here it is:

It took me about 30 mins to complete the entire thing. Here is the embedded video if you can't see it.