Aug 30, 2010

Playing Pong on a Laptop Using Mobile Phones as Paddles

About a week back (while getting bored sitting in a java lab) me and Mudit were thinking of some simple project ideas to do over the weekend.So after some very wacky (when i say wacky i mean really over the top stupid) ideas we finally settled down on making pong but with a twist. We decided that instead of running it on one screen as it is usually done we will make the game area a lot larger buy using screens from various networked computers to make a very long but very awesome pong table.Next we decided to control the paddles not by using traditional keyboard keys but by making use of the accelerometer commonly available on most phones now-a-days.The idea was to control each paddle with separate phone by using the accelerometer on the phone to detect the motion of the phone and sending the data via a TCP socket over a wireless network to the computer running the game.

Aug 22, 2010

Character Animation

Character animation done in 3Ds max. Model of a soldier downloaded form the web. Rigged using biped and Physique Modifier.Applied some .bip (motion capture) files to it. Then and rendered it out in using mental ray with daylight system for shadows and lighting.

Aug 21, 2010

Mines in the ocean

Found a really good tutorial on mental ray lighting system (link).I changed the Torus Knot with a few mines designed by me as they look a lot better.

Here are my renders :



Aug 20, 2010

How much of rendering can HP 6515b take?

I set up this scene of a few virus like things floating in 3Ds max, put on some textures on them and added some depth of field effects(9 passes) and rendered it out.

The specifics of the scene are:
Lights: 6 (Ray Traced Shadows)
Image Resolution: 1920x1080
Renderer: Default scanline
3Ds Max Version:2009

Aug 19, 2010

Simple Cloth Simulation Using 3Ds Max

Cloth simulations is one of the coolest features of any 3D program.It is very simple to create basic cloth animations but it takes a lot of time to simulate cloth due to the huge amounts of processing power required.Here is a simple cloth simulation tutorial.