May 30, 2010

Stargate Project (Update)

Finall the rendering is complete(it took a good 16hrs on a very decent i7 at 720p):
Here is the video .... Check it out in HD.... Music is the Stargate SG1 Theme Metal Version

May 27, 2010

Stargate Project

After watching loads of episodes(315 - 215 of SG1 and 100 of SGA) & movies(3) of the stargate series I decided to start designing a stargate in 3DS max. Then i made some sand and pyramids to go along with it and came up with this..

After that i decided to make the event horizon "kawoosh" effect.After working on that for about 5hrs i came up with this (Video still rendering) ...

I could not do any more because i got bored and also my laptop overheated to a point where it left its physical state and now exists only as energy (LOL)