Jun 21, 2010

MARS Bot Final Design

Here are some pics of the 3D model of the M.A.R.S. Robot. The 3D model has details of all the mechanical components of the robot....

Specification Video :-

Jun 15, 2010

Ragdoll physics in 3Ds Max 2009

For information on ragdolls click here.

Here are a few ragdoll animantions i made using 3Ds max physics engine "Reactor"

A simple ragdoll effect in 3ds Max can be done in 2 ways . One way is sit down design the ragdoll from scratch and then apply constraints to it. This although is much better when you need very precise ragdoll physics.Another way is to simply use a premade MaxScript.

Jun 10, 2010


Here is a 3D model of a microphone that i made. I used HDRI to get the proper lighting and turned on Final Gather and GI.Used Mental Ray as renderer.

Jun 9, 2010

Boeing 737

I designed a 3D model of Boeing 737 using 3Ds max (it has landing gear and all). I was confused between a shot of it taking off or it being airborne. I decided to go with a shot of the plane in the air. I downloaded a pic of some clouds from the net. Set up camera and lights in 3ds max and rendered it at 1080p.

So here it is:

Project M.A.R.S

M.A.R.S or Moblie Adaptive Robotic System is a robotic platform being developed by me and a few friends. The original design for the robot was:

Then after a few design changes we decided to keep the inner and outer tracks on the the same plane.Currently the chassis of the bot(an aluminum frame of 22" X 17" X 8.5") has been completed and rite now the gearbox is being designed.

The  current layout plan for the robot is

A few pics of the chassis are here: